The comics

These comics have allowed a number of victims to break out of their silence. We heard other testimony and we were able to help more people.

Mboty no anarako

Mboty no anarnako sums up the story of a young girl who was sexually harassed and raped by a family friend.
She decides to talk about it to go beyond the stage of victim thanks to this comic book but also thanks to the support of loved ones.

Te Hanampy aho

Te hanampy aho is the story of a young woman who remembers what she went through as a child. Coming from a disadvantaged family, coming from the countryside, it was easy for her attacker to sexually assault the little girl in exchange for sweets. Unfortunately, this situation is mainly found in rural areas.

Inona no ataoko

Pregnant following a rape, she is torn between keeping her child and seeing the rapist’s face throughout her life and aborting tut risking imprisonment.


Mino is a victim of incest because of her uncle. She lives in denial. Her friend is trying to help her.
In addition to the violence perpetrated by this abuser, the situation persisted because of the lack of communication between the child and his mother in the house.

Women Break The Silence Madagascar
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